Controllo qualità e software

Quality management


Quality management

In the Industry 4.0 era, competition is primarily about product quality, in addition to flexibility and production cost. The quality of the final product mainly impacts on the company brand, while the quality of semi-finished products also impacts on the efficiency of the entire production process.

The sooner a quality problem is identified in the production flow, the less impact it will have on the process itself. For this reason, companies need to have a quality control and management system that can be applied to all processes, or at least most of them, as soon as the purchased materials enter into these processes.

The data collected should not only enable there to be a quick response to quality-related problems, but should also allow for advanced analysis to take place, in order to highlight correlations and indications that may improve future product quality. It must therefore also integrate information acquired by advanced machines or quality sensors.

Guided surveillance plans carried out on the same devices and software

With the potential to be used for production management, providing contextual displays of documents or drawings

Customizable Analytics

control charts, quality KPIs performed on rejects, non-conformities, etc.

Proactive altering in case of excessive faults,

rejects, non-conformity, etc.

Non-conformity management

from the moment they are generated (automatic or manual), to machine closure, when corrective or preventive action is taken

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