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Industry 4.0: Digitalize your factory with Tesar

With our Smart factory MES system your company is more competitive

In a marketplace more and more complex and saturated where responsiveness and flexibility are essential to remain relevant,moving toward Industry 4.0 translates in boosting the company’s competitiveness thanks to digital transformation. What is Industry 4.0? Industry 4.0 is a new paradigm focused on production, management and industrial automation that enables the company to optimize its own productivity by integrating industry 4.0 technologies (such as MES system) in its productive process.

Digitalize logistics ad productive processes thanks to MES software.

The MES (Manufacturing Execution System), is a useful tool for  digitalization, able to optimize processes thanks to an automated production scheduling.

The MES system is a software for managing production, that acquires and distributes information to control and manage production.The MES 4.0 enables the company’s decision makers to oversee factory’s activities and times at any given moment.

A software for managing industrial production such as an MES 4.0 takes a spot between the ERP and machines control systems such as the SCADA or the PLC, in order to interconnect them and optimize logistics and proper interconnetterli e ottimizzare i processi produttivi e logistici, tenendo conto di qualità dei prodotti e disponibilità delle risorse.

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Increase your competitiveness with an interconnected factory

According to the MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association), the standard functions of a MES system and the related MES software are multiple and optimize production management:

  • Ability to manage production orders (ODP);
  • Management of production resources or resources involved in production management;
  • Execution and control of the progress of the production phases;
  • Tracking of each product, raw material and machinery with detailed information;
  • Data collection and real-time monitoring of production to analyze performance.
  • Production progress always under control;
  • Management and display of alarms, machine stops and maintenance;
  • Production lead time management, OEE and various bottlenecks;
  • Quality control of the finished product, being processed and of the raw materials;
  • Optimization of the use of production assets.

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Connect your factory in an Industry 4.0 key

Install an MES system in the company thanks to state incentives!

The MES software enhances any information generated during production, to allow communication between systems and guarantee the visibility of each process or internal event.

The MES is also essential to connect the machines in Industry 4.0 mode and is part of the investments supported by state incentives, as an interconnected system that allows dialogue via the network between ERP and the production plant.

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The state supports the digital transformation with the tax credit

Becoming a Smart Factory and investing in industry 4.0 interconnection with competitive advantages is possible thanks to the incentives provided for by the MISE

  • Transition Plan 4.0. Contributions for investments aimed at digitization;
  • Tax credit for research, development and technological innovation;
  • Incentives for training 4.0.

The importance of data for improvement and optimization. Become a data driven company

The success of your company is in Big Data.

Transforming from a factory into a data driven company, by optimizing your production processes, means opening up to the world of data, with great operational and managerial advantages.

In a data driven company, Big Data defines a strategy based on objective and measurable criteria. Data, for example, are essential in production traceability: thanks to the traceability of processes, it is possible to optimize production and management of the entire plant.

Train your staff with a "Industry 4.0 view". Tesar is the accredited body for digital transformation training

Discover Tesar MOTIS 2 and TS400 solutions for the Smart Factory

Tesar offers technological solutions for data driven companies, including production management software, essential for optimizing processes, generating competitive advantages.


Tesar’s MES software for the planning and optimized management of industrial production. It includes a single solution for collecting and monitoring production data and a complete set of statistics, indicators and reports. Discover our production management software.


Through the terminal of the production department, the Mes Tesar system collects all types of data in a simple and intuitive way, thanks to an endowment of all the production, quality and traceability functions. Discover TS400 our department terminal for the management of industrial production.

Discover Tesar’s MES software and its solutions for data driven companies.

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