Tesar Mission Aziendale


We’re here to accompany you in the digitization of processes in your factory, by introducing the principles of industry 4.0



TESAR’s mission is to work together with and support manufacturing companies in their digital transformation through providing innovative solutions, essential for achieving maximum production potential in terms of efficiency, quality and cost control.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”

– Steve Jobs-


We study and provide advanced products, high level services, and R&D, all with cutting-edge technologies.

At the basis of our expertise, is our philosophy and inspiration, namely: Lean Manufacturing, which strives towards lean production thus minimising waste, in order to achieve greater efficiency; this is our daily goal which we fulfil through digital technology.

Everyone at Tesar has had solid experience in the production departments of manufacturing companies: thanks to the combination of IT and processing skills, we are able to support customers in the implementation of digital solutions that are not only valuable for those working directly with machines, but also for managers and those managing costs.

Continuous technological evolution and process optimization are the values that guide us on a daily basis, with the aim of being proactive players in the new industrial revolution.
Daily discussions with manufacturing establishments over the years have made us experts in processes in an extensive variety of market sectors: such knowledge enables us to develop ad hoc solutions for any type of company.

Tesar People


“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan


Tesar is a forward-looking company, continuously striving towards growth and constant improvement, in order to achieve increasingly high levels of internal quality and customer satisfaction.

Our vision is summed up by the idea of actively participating in the manufacturing market as it changes, anticipating its needs , aspiring towards continuous innovation, seeking to achieve efficiency and quality focused objectives so that we can always meet the needs of those using our services.

We are always looking to meet our customer’s needs, ensuring high quality standards, by improving business processes in order to make sure they align with the future production rationale, as well as taking an approach that demonstrates full respect for the environment.

We look above and beyond the current needs, all whilst ensuring that our people, both within the company and external to the company, are kept at the centre of our vision. The human relationship established with the client and the satisfaction of our people who ensure that company objectives are made, remain key to our vision.