Monitoraggio consumi energetici

Software for controlling and managing factory energy consumption


The I4Energy module is an innovative tool that makes it possible to detect energy consumption and other quantities (gas, nitrogen, etc…), related to connected resources and allocate them to production orders on the machine, precisely at any time.

Thanks to this solution, it is possible to achieve more efficient and economic management of energy resources, reduce waste and improve the overall productivity of the company.

Concrete and future-oriented

The I4Energy module is easy to set up and manage, even in cases of existing plants, and provides a complete and accurate display of energy consumption information. You can detect any parameter made available by your production facilities and calculate its cost. In addition, by means of special conversion factors, it is possible to calculate the CO2 emissions resulting from the detected consumption; the data will always be available with a view to plant efficiency calculations.

Through our MES Software, it is possible to define the type of quantities you want to measure, the reference unit of measurement, the calculation methodology and the related costs.

Data can be consulted through interactive dashboards, which allow simple and immediate analysis and integration between production data (plant performance, shutdowns, inefficiencies, etc.) and the consumption trends of each resource involved. This integration is the real added value of the solution, which allows strategies aimed at improvement to be identified.

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Software condivisione dati

Not just energy

Through I4Energy, the costing of quantities collected in production can go beyond “simple” energy consumption.

Every parameter collected from production equipment, such as gases and consumables (welding wire, plastic granulate, etc…), can be associated with a cost and matched directly to the production order during the normal production process.

This allows the cost of each production order to be valued in a very precise and timely manner, and this is of vital importance at this time in history.

Survey of energy consumption

Through any field device or by direct connection with the machine

Economic Valorization

Of energy consumption over time

Cost allocation

On the different articles/work orders

Analysis by

interactive and customized dashboards

Alarm management

with email notification

Web interface

Of consultation of historical and instantaneous values

Data tables

exportable and customizable


Of the different quantities being surveyed (electricity, gas...)

Survey of CO2 emissions

arising from the detected consumption

The benefits for the company

Thanks to the I4Energy module, it is possible to:

  • Have total control over energy consumption
  • Perform detailed analyses
  • Optimize energy resources
  • Easily identify any critical issues or inefficiencies
  • Reduce waste and production costs
  • Detect and cost all types of quantities
  • Precisely cost the items produced
  • Orient the company toward a greener perspective
  • Have facilities in obtaining Certifications related to energy-intensive companies