Integrazione macchina-dati


The best software solutions to guide you towards industry 4.0: management, production and quality , everything just a click away.


We offer a complete suite of Software solutions for Industry 4.0, that are technologically advanced and easily integrable with every ERP system, with the aim of improving the efficiency and the efficacy of organizational and production processes, planning and analysis, optimization and management within the concept of Smart Factory.

We support the companies with innovative solutions, functional for the achievement of their maximum potential, in terms of efficiency, quality, cost control and management through systems exploiting the use of big data and predictive analysis, complemented by our experience as system integrator for personalised management of production processes.

Our sector verticalizations are able to meet the demands of different industrial areas. Our Production management Software provide Planning & Scheduling, Shop Floor Control & Monitoring, Asset Management, Traceability, Quality Management, Connect, Warehouse Handling and Data Analytics systems.