Software monitoraggio aziendale

Shop Floor Control & Monitoring


Shop Floor Control & Monitoring

Manufacturing companies need to ensure that all production activities are kept under control, by monitoring progress, timing, quantity, etc. in order to meet deliveries and contain costs.

Furthermore, the data collected becomes an asset on which the company can carry out advanced analysis, moving from the reactive model, to the proactive model.

These needs should be met with a system that provides timely, reliable and low-cost information. Timely because it’s acquired in real time, reliable because you collect as much data as possible directly from the machines, and low cost because it’s automatically acquired by the system with minimal human intervention.

Configurable for various production sectors

Whilst also providing verticalizations for numerous sectors

Customizable analytics and various KPIs

(OEE, performances, efficiencies, takt time, etc.)

Notifications that alert you

when the production process is not within the desired parameters

The context of the acquired data means that analysis can take place at every level of granularity

(work orders, lots, UdC, registration numbers)

Proactive Model

For this, we would recommend our