Asset Management

Asset Management

Keeping productive assets fully functioning and in perfect efficiency, is a must that any company needs to pursue. Poor maintenance can without a doubt have a big impact on production, as

    • plans may not be followed through
    • which then impacts on subsequent processing
    • meaning that you then have to resort to “emergency” solutions which are significantly more expensive than ordinary solutions.

You therefore need a tool that, by exploiting the performance of devices already used in shop floor monitoring, can organize routine maintenance work, address extraordinary requests and manage the final results of the interventions carried out. This solution manages how maintenance orders are monitored and related audits, alongside verifying the execution of planned activities, the time spent by each operator on each machine/resource, the material supplied and the parts replaced.

Asset record management
(machinery, installations, equipment, etc.) and related maintenance plans
Previous Asset and KPI analysis
of interventions made
Assignment of roles to staff
to plan the hierarchy and to ensure that the various maintenance activities are sorted correctly
The integrated solution
uses the same devices and software that may already be used for production and quality management