I4 Human SmartWatch Tesar


A Mobile app, usable by smartwatch, designed to increase efficiency in manufacturing


User friendly

The natural transition to industry 4.0 has meant that the manufacturing world has become much more interconnected. Such a transition has also placed emphasis on the need for collaboration. This is where I4Human, designed by Tesar, comes into play.

I4Human is the solution designed to help operators working in manufacturing: through a dedicated App, you, as the operator can check the status of assigned resources, receive and manage notifications sent manually or automatically by colleagues, machines, other software, etc. Through the same app, you can also carry out simple feed operations and requests for material.

You can use the app on Smartwatch, Smartphones and PDAs, where notifications are marked out and customized for each user; you can also manage certain notifications through the App. For example:

  • In case of a machine/ assembly line interruption: the operator who is managing it immediately receives notification of the machine downtime on the smartwatch equipped with I4human, and can unlock the machine by authenticating and validating the stop directly from their device.
  • An operator who is assembling various components needs a certain material: they can generate a request that is conveyed to an handheld computer placed on the forklift of the warehouse worker who can pick up the material and bring it to their colleague without wasting time.
  • A machine stops, raising a specific alarm, a maintenance request is automatically generated, which appears on the smartphone of the technician as a notification.

Main features:

  • fully integrated with the MES TESAR system
  • displays the status of the manufacturing resources
  • receives notifications and alerts
  • Connects with when machines have stopped working
  • management of the main alarms

Andon - When material runs out

The device is able to support reintegration process when the operator cannot continue production workflow. The main concept is: to allow production operators to make a request via smartwatch, to report problems or needs, which will be displayed by special production management monitors.