Traceability means tracing all processes, from raw material supply through to production, consumption and disposal.

Traceability provides you with the composition and history of each handling unit (HU) in the factory: pallet, box, single serialized piece. Traceability data is not limited to batches of components used, it also includes scraps and stops during production, alongside measurements and parameters identified during the process.

The result is a traceability tree that runs through all production processes: it allows you to analyse data from the finished product through to the supplier’s batches and vice versa, through intermediate processing as well as managing the various divisions and reunifications of the product handling units.

You can manage finished product recall campaigns that include batches of defective components at all levels.

Based on Handling Units (HUs)
Definable by the user (box, pallet, box, etc.)
Division and reunification of HUs
without losing their history
Potential management of the production warehouse
via unloading and batch association in FIFO logic
Traceability management
in scraps remanufacturing
The format of the traceability batch codes
and HU identification codes assigned by the system, are fully configurable
Payments to the ERP system
can be made by detailing the HUs
Managing the condition
Of the quality of the HUs
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