hardware per soluzioni Industry 4.0


for data acquisition


Hardware for data acquisition and machine interconnection

Data acquisition from the “field” can be carried out in different ways, depending on the nature and purpose of the data that is being collected.

Connection to machines, installations, tools and sensors can be made through software “connectors” or using different types of hardware devices such as PLCs, digital or analogue I/O cards, IoT devices, etc.

In the software field, Tesar has created the I4Connect module which can communicate bidirectionally with the control unit (PC, PLC, CN) of the resource being interfaced.

In the hardware field, on the other hand, thanks to the expertise gained in 30 years of electronics and factory automation, Tesar has selected devices of various types from the market: devices made by highly-regarded manufacturers in the sector such as Advantech, Beckhoff, and Siemens. The proposed solutions can be wired, wireless or a combination of both, in a single resource mode or in a multi resource (concentrator) mode. Tesar has also created its own interface to connect measuring instruments. This allows you to interface up to 4 tools, with standard Digimatic/Mitutoyo connectors, to a PC/Tablet/Smartphone (via USB or Bluetooth).

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