Warehouse Handling

Warehouse Handling

Well-managed production logistics are the basis of a well-organised production system. Producing in a way that is efficient, scraps-free have high quality products, could be jeopardised logistics that do not adequately support material flows.

The quick and effective identification of Handling Units, the ease of exception management, the configurability and adaptability of the system to the various logistic contexts, are definitive factors for a Warehouse Handling system.

In order to ensure that there’s no gap in handling and management, the system supports incoming-goods logistics for rapid sorting and goods; internal logistics to facilitate the preparation of the components necessary for the production and storage of products; outgoing logistics to prepare shipments.

Management of logistics
In terms of incoming goods, production and outgoing goods via PC and mobile terminals
Integrated with the production management system
for uniform and non-redundant identification as well as batch management
Interface with ERP
with or without details of warehouse locations
Setting up of businesses
By configuring of physical warehouses, "ground" buffer areas, etc.
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