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Small parts

Production Management and Monitoring


Small Parts Production Management Systems

Small parts include screws, bolts, nuts, rivets, springs, inserts, pins, shafts, hinges, etc., (in other words, small components which are essential for the assembly and operation of a whole variety of products in a wide variety of sectors: jewellery, leather goods, fastening systems, automotive, furniture, telephony, IT and a whole lot more.
These are are components made with a high level of precision and can be achieved from a variety of materials including steel, brass, copper and PVC.
The production can take place in small or large batches and through different types of processing techniques such as turning, stamping, trimming and treatments such as galvanizing, cementing, nickelplating, etc.

The MES system is the optimal solution which enables you to organise production, optimise work plans, check the status of orders, and reduce inefficiency, waste and costs, all in full compliance with the quality standards required by the market. This is done through:

Integration with finite capacity scheduling

Real-time monitoring of machines

Quality control and maintenance management of machines and equipment (e.g. moulds)