Factory Viewer

Control the entire production department in real time!


Factory Viewer is a WebApp that provides a quick and comprehensive view of the resources in a company’s plants and/or production departments, thanks to its intuitive synoptic panel. The software provides two modes of operation:

  • Scenario Viewer
  • Scenario configuration


All scenarios can be organized with a multilevel cross tree for all users who have access to the application, usable, after authentication, within the portal distributed by Tesar S.p.A.


A new step toward the Smart Factory

Configure and customize your factory screens, identify the resources you want to monitor, and visualize your production department’s performance in real time, pushing your company to a new level of digitization.

With Factory Viewer you can:

  • Create visualization scenarios according to your needs, customizing every graphical aspect directly in the app
  • Visualize the status of the plant and each resource in real time
  • Intervene promptly in case of downtime and/or inefficiency
  • Simplify the analysis and decision-making process, thanks to interactive dashboards