Tesar Automation


From Code Architects Automation, a Bari-based company with 20 years of experience in the field of industrial automation, comes Tesar Automation.

The new Tesar SpA business unit, dedicated to industrial automation and the development of self-driving vehicles, aims to transform companies into Industries 4.0 by supporting them with qualified personnel and offering them innovative solutions.


The products/services that are already present, or that will be designed in the future, will be compatible and integrable with the MES software and the integrative modules that make up the Tesar suite, making it possible to satisfy every production need through dedicated and customized solutions for different application areas:

  • Machine and production line control: design or implementation of complete control of industrial machines involving sensors, actuators and PCs with acquisition cards minimizing the long-term cost of the software-machine system.
  • 3D monitoring and vision systems: design of software applications for real-time monitoring of a plant, in line with Industry 4.0 directives, starting from individual machines to the implementation of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems.
  • Process and production optimization: in the area of logistics, Tesar can optimize loading/unloading times, storage of goods in the warehouse, routes of automatically guided instruments, mission planning, and more. In productivity, on the other hand, Tesar products can improve the planning and order sequencing of a single machine or an entire plant, implement just-in-time warehousing, or reduce production waste and increase overall profitability.

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OminAGV is Tesar Automation’s flagship vehicle, composed of deeply original technical solutions, starting with the skate frame, an innovative frame on which a compact lifting system is built, capable of picking up the cart with the load and stabilizing it during transport.

The vehicle can recognize obstacles, map an area and locate itself within it, identify a particular trolley and organize processes. In addition, battery management is done autonomously through the OmniaStation charging station, which allows the production process not to be interrupted, replacing a discharged battery in 90 seconds.

Innovative Omnidirectional Wheel

The real added value of OmniAGV, however, lies in its ability to move smoothly in environments, thanks to Aptius wheel, a new patented omnidirectional wheel, which allows it to move significant loads in all directions in space while maintaining high stability.

1 m/s

maximum speed


vehicle autonomy (4h/battery)

160 x 402 x 1514

dimensions in mm

500 kg

load capacity

60 mm

cargo lifting from the ground

AGV and MES: a winning mix.

Tesar saw Tesar Automation and OmniAGV as an important piece to add to the mosaic that makes up its offerings, especially since automated vehicles can be easily integrated with information systems on the factory floor, including MES Software.

In fact, the AGV can be identified as a link between the production phase, where MES software is the mainstay, and factory logistics.

In particular, OmniAGV, the vehicle made in Tesar, has the peculiarity of being able to be included in all phases of the production process, from the handling of raw materials to the storage phase, which in the case of more structured companies can also lead to integration with WMS software, resulting in total automation and tracking of processes, with optimization of production time and costs.

Integration with MES software also offers the possibility of continuous improvement. In fact, thanks to the constant monitoring of factory data, it is possible to intervene where the AGV does not bring the expected results, optimizing its activity and transforming a simple industry into a Smart Factory.


Although the Tesar Automation division has been established for a short time, the validity of its proposed solutions has been confirmed by several awards received. OmniAGV received the ADI Design Index 2022 Innovation Award, awarded by the ADI Permanent Design Observatory.

The most significant recognition came during A&T Automation & Testing, the fair dedicated to automation and 4.0 technologies, where OmniAGV was presented with the Innovation 4.0 Award.

As a result of these achievements, the vehicle was also reported by ADI to the COTEC foundation for the award of the National Innovation Prize (Prize of Prizes), and will compete for the Compasso d’oro 2024, the world’s oldest and most authoritative design award, along with the selected ADI Design Index entries for the next edition.