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Data Analytics

Businesses are increasingly complex entities, and advanced data collection and analysis tools are needed to help them realize their full potential. In today’s factories, where more and more information is collected, it is important that data are conveyed through a system that is able to manage it, give it meaning and make it accessible to everyone in a simple and intuitive way.

It’s essential to know which data it’s important to collect: modern analysis methods are “data driven” instead of “solution driven”. In the past, you had to start from a hypothesis that would then have to be verified, whilst now, you can start from data and then extract various “indicators”.

A system of this type must not only have predefined analyses, but must also allow new ones to be created under the guidance of the Data Analyst or Data Scientist. For this reason, the data supply chain must be complete with: a good acquisition system, contextualization of the acquired data, storage of open and usable data, and the potential to customise Data Visualization.

Based on a production and quality data acquisition system

that can have both a high volume of raw data, and contextualised data

Data storage in a data warehouse

hat is open and usable: third party tools can access the data too

You can also create analyses and dashboards through the Designer

where the end user can further interact

You can use the dashboards via browsers,

avoiding the need for installation