Team 4.0


Interconnection with machines in 4.0 mode is certainly one of the most heard and debated topics in recent years in the manufacturing field and from a digital transformation perspective.

For this reason, Tesar has built over the years a Team of experts, dedicated precisely to these activities. Among these stands out the Machinery interconnection Manager, a realt 4.0 consultan, able to support the client in managing the logic of expertise required for 4.0 tax incentives, and the dialogue with suppliers, which obviously concerns the logic of interconnection and operation of the plant.

4.0 Machines Interconnected


Interfaced protocols


Dedicated staff




I4 Connect Industry 4.0

Connect your Factory in 4.0

I4Connect is Tesar’s solution for connecting every machine/plant to the enterprise information system, in accordance with Industry 4.0 principles.

With I4Connect you can:

  • Detect data and parameters from machines, plants and robots
  • Analyze the data received through dedicated Dashboards
  • Send part programs, recipes and other parameters to the machine

All collected data are digitized, analyzed by Tesar systems and repurposed on specific dashboards through Motis2 or I4Dashboards, which allow monitoring of real-time processes, or data analysis on the information obtained in a given period.