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Passion and Innovation towards new 4.0 industry boundaries



Almost 30 years ago, a team of technology experts created an entity with passion, an entity focused on research and innovation: over time, this strong sense of passion and enthusiasm has been passed on to the new generations as an authentic approach to work.

Today the skills acquired within an established company with almost 60 people in its team, allow us to support ourselves and reach new boundaries by sharing positive insights aimed at continuous innovation.

Innovating means going beyond the limits

TESAR drives you on the complex and demanding path to digitally transforming your Factory.

We provide systems for data collection, planning, and control, as well as systems for the production and quality management of your industry.

Over the years, we have successfully created a combination that brings together skills related to the integrated management of production processes, with the mastery of innovative digital technologies and in-depth experience as a system integrator.


The computer or information systems that are designed by Tesar’s R&D team came about from discussions with our partners, with the aim of providing solutions that can make a difference, thanks to the high level of technology applied and their strong innovative character. Tesar, in fact, invests up to 15% of its revenues per year in R&D.

Furthermore, it believes in, and applies, the philosophy of continuous reduction of needless or unproductive activities that aren’t adding any value to a company (Muda); in addition to this, TESAR applies the idea of an organisation that is inspired by the so-called Lean and Agile models. These concepts are applied daily in understanding and applying new technologies such as the IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things), the digital Andon or the ability to equip machines with “intelligence”, otherwise known as AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Il The Core

On a daily basis, TESAR deals with the challenges required by a market that was born from the fourth industrial revolution: our task is to work alongside and in continuous collaboration with our customers, creating a process aimed at achieving automated and interconnected production: one that is able to provide the operator with highly evolved and interactive tools that significantly improve factory experience and production efficiency.

We offer a complete suite of technologically advanced solutions that can be integrated with any ERP system. Our sector verticalisations are able to meet the needs of different industrial sectors: metalwork, taps and valves, bar turning and bar processing, plastic moulding, foundries, small metal parts, Fashion&luxury, Aerospace, Automotive, Food&Beverage.

Tesar People


Training in 2019

More than 300 hours

The “Pink quota”

On the increase: 32% of women in the Company

Tesar is among MADE's technology partners: The COMPETENCE CENTER led by Politecnico di Milano.

Tesar, thanks to its advanced solutions, is one of 42 companies with specific skills in the 4.0 industry, selected to support manufacturing companies in the digitization of the factory.

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