lavorazione lamiera processo industriale

Sheet metal working

Sheet Metal Processing Automation


Metal Carpentry Sector Digital Transformation

The processes can vary, depending on the product being made. They range from moulding, drawing and blanking for larger scale “industrial” productions, through to structural work such as laser cutting, punching, bending, welding and assembly.
Despite the increase in automation components resulting from an increased distribution of technologies, there is still a lot of work being done by people in this type of establishment (especially in the world of structural work).
Cost analysis, reduction of inefficiencies, maintenance of machines/equipment and quality control, are all of fundamental importance if you want to successfully compete in this area.
With the MES solution, companies in this sector are able to schedule production, check the status of orders, maintain its assets and provide support to operators through the visualization of schedules, drawings, instructions, checks to be carried out, etc., thus ensuring efficiency and cost reduction.

OUR sheet metal working CUSTOMERS HAVE CHOSEN: