Veicoli a guida autonoma


Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are vehicles that are used in the industrial environment to move products, raw materials or other loads within the company autonomously, without the need for assigned personnel.

Tesar, always focused on innovation, with the birth of Tesar Automation has added AGVs to its product suite, which, linked to MES software, allow for greater implementation of automation in production processes in an industry 4.0 perspective.


OmniAgv is the next generation of intelligent autonomous vehicles used to transport carts and loads within the logistics environment of an industrial plant, integrating into the existing environment without intervening in existing spaces and processes. It is a very small and slim vehicle capable of lifting up to 500kg.

The vehicle is equipped with a chassis with an extremely compact lifting system that can pick up the truck and stabilize it during transport. The wheels, on the other hand, called the Aptus Wheel are characterized by large and slightly tapered rollers, which untie the size-capacity link by giving way to create wheels that are small but very high-performing in terms of capacity.

Revolutionize the factory with OmniAGV

OmniAGV enables significant improvements in logistics and production efficiency by being able to:

  • Move naturally in environments, without tracks or magnetic stripes
  • Signal through light effects the process in which the vehicle is involved, the direction of movement, overtakes
  • Identify a specific truck and pick it up with precision, safety and stability
  • Map an area of the plant and locate within it
  • Recognize (using smart cameras) obstacles, people, other vehicles and for each adopt a predefined adaptive behavior
  • Organize and rearrange carts, exploiting the potential of omnidirectional handling

1 m/s

maximum speed


4h battery life

160 x 402 x 1514

dimensions in millimeters


load capacity



Download the OmniAGV brochure

Vehicles dedicated to Delivery

These are self-driving vehicles designed for picking up and transporting objects or finished products.

Its stability and loading capacity enable it to automate the processes of transporting and loading raw materials for the start of processing and sorting into finished goods warehouses. Configurable with MES, this type of vehicle can be connected to both production machinery and a WMS for storing goods.

PALLET Shift Vehicles

These are AGVs developed for transporting loads resting on pallets and rollers.

This specification allows for greater accuracy and efficiency within the production process, as the movement of multiple boxes or products can take place in a single transport. Also configurable with MES, it can make the company’s automation more and more complete, optimizing production and the cost of processing.