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The Business Intelligence system, available to all factory Data Analysis functions


Software that transforms complex data into information that you can share across the whole company

I4Dashboard is the tool designed to meet the needs of data analysis, something that is becoming increasingly strategically important for modern companies. I4Dashboard transforms data, which can be complex at times, into simple information that can be shared with all key users in the company, guiding them in the most important decisions. The analysis can be carried out through graphs, pivot tables, forms, speedometers, pie charts, maps or grids.

The data collected on the field, through TS400 and/or I4Connect, is recorded and then re-aggregated in a special data warehouse, which is the core of the analysis system, making each piece of information more meaningful, not only making it easy to use for analysis but also easy to share with your colleagues. Tesar has built several standard dashboards based on the below data for example:

• productivity analysis (OEE, OLE)
• scraps analysis
• Stops analysis
• resource saturation status
• SPC checks analysis…

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Can be supplied with your own Designer

the tool that allows you to create custom analyses

It is able to work on aggregated data but also on real-time data

therefore, through the same interface, you can gain insight on your ERP, for example, by connecting production data (like a phase time) to administrative data (like the operator's hourly cost). The system can work on databases, Excel sheets and OLAP cubes (typically created by BI systems such as Qlikview, Tableau, etc.)

You can share dashboards in your company

through I4Portal, the Tesar tool for sharing web applications; TS400, the Tesar terminal for data collection in the factory; and I4Carousel, the Tesar tool for creating slideshows or simple web pages that can also be integrated into your company portals

Main features

  • fully integrated with I4Connect, TS400, I4Portal and I4Carousel
  • Equipped with a complete set of standard analyses for the primary KPIs
  • Interactive analysis with simple and complex filters
  • Equipped with graphs, pivot tables, forms, speedometers, pie charts, maps or grids
  • Implement Drill Down
  • All charts can be nteractive and act as a filter on the Dashboard
  • Work on both previous and real-time data
  • Native connections with mixed sources (Oracle, Sql server, Excel, ERP,...)
  • Create your own analysis with the I4Dashboard Designer
  • Display dashboards on SmartTV so that they can be displayed throughout the factory