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Tesar not only creates software but makes the factory a better place to work in, so come and join our team!

We believe that if you’re spending most of your day at work, you should be able to work in a way that is calm and satisfactory. For the Next Technology group, the staff’s well-being is essential in the daily account that sums up the company’s efficiency.

The work-life balance helps people in the group to be positive and proactive, looking for new incentives on a daily basis. For this reason, one of our priorities is “human satisfaction”, that is, finding fulfilment in a dynamic environment, full of novelty and innovation: an environment where learning is everyone’s daily agenda.


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Training in 2019

More than 300 hours

The “Pink quota”

This continues to grow: 32% of those working for the Company are Women

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Our organisation is constantly expanding.
For this reason we are always looking for professionals in our sector.
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