Casram S.A.

Shop floor control & monitoring

Initially called ‘Fabbrica di prodotti elettrotecnici S.A.’, it was involved in the production of industrial electrical contacts and carbon brushes. This initial production then extended to public transport, a branch of the company that covers 90% of its activities today. The company has grown so much that in 2006, based on its successes and increasing demand, Casram Rail was formed to optimize and rationalize activities related to service, engineering, design, development, implementation, etc.

Today Casram S.A. produces key exchange boxes, motion controllers, disconnect switches, locks, and accessories supported by solutions and services for safety, assembly and maintenance, communication, and control.



We needed to optimize our production organization and clearly improve the measurement of times.



The company chose to invest in both production control and quality control, choosing motis2 to collect data and manage and control production, and sicop to manage the final quality.