Shop floor control & monitoring

Unidelta S.p.A. was formed in 1973 for the production of high- and low-density polyethylene tubes and the realization of water mains, gas mains, irrigation systems, fire-prevention lines, drainage lines, and heating systems.


In addition to polyethylene tubes, its current range of products includes polypropylene compression couplings, electroweld couplings, metal plastic couplings, and the CLIMAPLAST heating system, as well as a series of components and accessories for installation and assembly.

Today, UNIDELTA is a leader in the hydro-thermo-sanitary sector. It has consolidated know-how from more than 30 years of experience, a guarantee of sought-after quality, and every phase of the production

process and product is certified (UNI EN ISO 9001:2000).


In 2004 it successfully introduced the CLIMAPLAST heating and cooling system for walls and flooring. Always aiming for continuous innovation and customer service,

in 2005 UNIDELTA introduced a new compression coupling, DELT ONE, which guarantees quick installation work while maintaining the

quality and safety that has always distinguished the UNIDELTA brand.



The decision was made to implement the system in order to control the production progress and to centralize data collection for processing and testing, which mainly occurred on

paper. The goal was to create a computer database from which information could be extracted to optimize production processes.



The system enabled ‘weak points’ to be identified with objective data in order to invest more resources in them.



UNIDELTA chose to adopt systems for production and quality. Specifically, it installed motis2 to collect data and control and manage production, and sicop for statistical process control and to manage intermediate and final quality.

Motis2 was also enriched with production analysis and material requirements (MRP). Finally, our systems interfaced the administrative and accounting management systems already present at the company.