Maran e Peracini S.R.L.


Maran e Peracini S.r.l. is a historical company founded in the early 1960s. It produces cast-iron valves for industry, water mains, and maritime use.

The product is realized entirely at their plants in Borgosesia (VC) and Made in Italy represents one of the factors distinguishing the company on the market. The work cycle carried out in the production departments includes turning on particular spindles, automatic rod turning, assembly, hydraulic leak tests, painting.



The need arose in 1992 with the first ISO 9002 certification. The choice of our solutions was determined by the state of the art in production monitoring. The tools offered fully met the needs for control and monitoring.



The system allowed the company to support various aspects related to quality guarantees, the management of industrial costs, and traceability.



The company adopted motis2 for production control and management, sicop for statistical process control, managing measurement instruments, and managing the quality of raw materials and the final product.

It also adopted the solution to detect the access and presence of personnel and the ERP by Zucchetti.