Trafilspec – I.T.S. S.p.A.

Planning & Scheduling

Trafilspec’s main activity is the production of drawn rod and roll products with round, hexagonal, square, octagonal, and flat cross sections, as well as special custom profiles and round rectified rods.



The company required complete, exhaustive control of its production processes.



Their production control and management are now entirely efficient and have recovered the investment.



The company chose motis1 for production planning, motis2 to collect data and manage and control production, and sicop for statistical process control (SPC), and the system to control and detect the presence of personnel.


Trafilspec also integrated solutions for production and quality with Mago.Net, our administrative, accounting, and commercial management package.

Motis2 was also enriched with specific solutions for production analysis and material requirements (MRP) to manage industrial costs and the location and shipping of warehouse goods.