Paglieri S.p.A

Chimico, cosmetico e medicale

Today the packaging lines are completely automated and have a high productivity (9000/12000 pcs./hr). The company has continuous bulk production with dedicated software and in-line chemical/physical checks, and a radio-frequency computerized warehouse of more than 10,000 sq. m for finished products, thereby guaranteeing continuous supply to retailers where Paglieri products are found on the shelves.

Each year, Paglieri Profumi produces 9000 tonnes of bath gel, 4500 tonnes of liquid soap, 3000 of body wash, 1000 tonnes of talc, and 20 tonnes of lip balm.

Paglieri chose to manage its production with our solutions. The company adopted motis2 to collect data and control and manage production, enriched with the specific module for managing industrial costs. We have also interfaced the management ERP installed at the company (SAP).