I.M.P. Pasotti S.p.A.

Lavorazioni meccaniche di precisione

I.M.P. Pasotti, open since 1954, is an international leader in pressing, bending, extruding, and cold forming both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Over the years, it has implemented the most advanced cold-forming technology, developing a sophisticated range of pipe fittings, fasteners, and bushings destined for multiple industrial sectors.



After a purely monitoring phase in which manual data was collected, the company felt a strong need to have reliable data constantly updated in real time. It needed to verify the performance of the systems, machinery, and operators and have centralized data that was updated automatically.



With TESAR solutions, machine stoppages are managed and data is collected regarding the productivity of both machines and operators, as well as every production aspect, including performance.



I.M.P. Pasotti adopted TESAR systems for production. Specifically, the company installed motis2 to collect data in real time and control and manage production.