Torneria P.M.S. S.R.L.

Planning & Scheduling

Torneria P.M.S. was founded in 1962 as a subsupplier for important local companies.

Early on it expanded and established itself on the international market with its diversity of production and target sectors.

With the collaboration of highly specialized companies, it supplies complete items resulting from various processes and treatments, such as: mechanical processing; rectification of endless screws, vibratory polishing, sandblasting, tumbling; surface protection treatments; heat treatments; assembly. 



The company set a goal to follow a serious path towards certification using a valid, reliable tool. It also needed to collect and computerize all production data in order to maintain strict control of times and costs.



The company understood the advantages of installing our solutions: professionalism in data collection and reliability in quality management, thereby improving its image with customers and controlling costs.



The company installed motis1 and motis2, the integrated production planning and control system. It also installed the system to control the access and presence of personnel and customized it for weighing and shipping.

The solution also included industrial data-collection terminals connected directly to the production machines to collect data in real time.