Abra Beta

Planning & Scheduling

Founded in 1975 in Pian Camuno to the north of Lake lago in the Province of Brescia, Abra Beta has produced reinforced resin abrasives for deburring and cutting all materials for more than 40 years.

Abra Beta S.p.A. produces resin-bonded abrasive disks to process metals and building materials.

The manufacturing processes therefore involve mixing abrasives and the product’s other constituent elements, pressing, and firing the abrasive grinder.

At its modern, functional, and air-conditioned factory of over 10,000 sq. m and more than 100 highly specialized workers, Abra Beta produces more than 15% of the national total in the sector.



Control and efficiency of the production cycle is a basic competitive drivers for a company like Abra Beta, which produces consumer materials that are highly standardized with regard to size, shape, and specific techniques.

Maximizing the efficiency of the systems pushed us to implement the Tesar system.



Abra Beta makes quality and safety checks on its products, one of the issues in penetrating the markets (Abra Beta products are used on high-speed portable machines, which poses a sizeable safety risk).



Abra Beta installed motis1 and motis2 to plan and control production, and sicop for statistical process control and to manage the quality of raw materials. It also installed and is optimizing the warehouse location and shipping management system.