Scatolificio Vec S.R.L.

Planning & Scheduling

The first activity of Scatolificio Vec — originally called ‘Fabbrica Imballaggi Fortuna’ — related to the production of packaging for fruit and vegetable products. Thanks to the initiative of its founder, however, it quickly began production in other sectors such as furniture packaging and the paper goods sector.


In 1960 Società VEC was founded, specializing in processing corrugated cardboard items and other paper goods. In the 1990s, the company started to expand, with the constant and continuous transfer of professional and technical knowledge to qualified personnel, both within and outside the company.


Today the company has a staff of technical and commercial personnel with more than ten years of experience in the sector, and a network of 11 specialized agents operating throughout Central Italy in both the paper packaging sector and the paper goods sector.



Constant awareness throughout the company about product quality and service grew out of the simultaneous production of corrugated boxes of all types and sizes and paper goods products (cases, display stands, etc.), which require skill, precision, and service.

Among other aspects, VEC products are marked with the GIFCO guarantee, certifying the consistent quality of the products and their full compliance with the requested performance, avoiding unnecessary weight, transport, and storage, and notably reducing environmental impacts.



In recent years, the company has progressively chosen to manage production and quality using our solutions through electronic computerization processes. The company IT system and the professional skill of its personnel guarantee quick quotes and delivery.

The time to deliver the final products is reduced. With our systems, the delivery system is also supported by an efficient customer information service regarding the state of processing.



Scatolificio VEC has invested in production and quality planning and control.

The company installed motis1 in its departments for production scheduling and planning, motis2 to collect data in real time and control and manage production, and sicop for quality management of raw materials. Rounding out the installation at VEC is the solution to manage the access and presence of personnel.