I.T. International Transmissions S.A.

Shop floor control & monitoring

I.T. produces straight-tooth cylindrical and helical gears for every application, but mainly for industrial vehicle transmissions, earth movers, and tractors.

Since 1977, I.T. International Transmissions S.A., located in Stabio, Switzerland, is synonymous with skill and technology in the production of gears and toothed shafts.

The company has an area of 8000 sq. m, 4000 sq. m of which is indoors, and it relies on the collaboration of 50 qualified workers which constitute the company’s primary capital.



The desire to computerize the production process primarily grew out of the need to maintain constant control of production progress and costs.



Now the company is completely computerized. It is able to control the following in real time:

  • work progress
  • industrial costs
  • quality of the production process

With this management, each aspect tied to production, quality, and personnel is automatically managed in a timely way.



The company installed motis2 to collect data and control and manage production, and sicop to manage the quality of the raw material and the intermediate and final quality.