C.R. S.p.A.

Planning & Scheduling

Attention to customer needs and satisfaction have always lain at the base of C.R.’s philosophy, which over the years has led to progress in the way it operates and provides services.



Constant attention to market evolution and the observation of customers’ changing needs and expectations have convinced C.R. that information technology can serve as an additional contribution for the company to improve its performance.



The solution chosen has allowed C.R. S.p.A. to monitor the production trend of each production resource, know the output and efficiency even in real time, compare quoted costs with actual costs, and plan production with the certainty of having best optimized all available resources. Tesar has created lists, statistics, reports, etc., to satisfy every need of this Arzignano-based company.

Today C.R. S.p.A. boasts a system capable of automatically managing informational flows. From order to delivery, each step is monitored and controlled in real time.



C.R. S.p.A. implemented the integrated production and quality planning and control system, combining it with all management modules.