New products developed by Tesar 4Lab


Improving decision-making processes and managing access to apps.

With I4Dashboard and I4Portal, Tesar’s product suite has been expanded with powerful new tools. I4Dashboard allows you to transform complex data into information that you can share with the entire company, helping you with decision-making.
I4Dashboard provides companies with a simple tool to create and publish their own reports and all production process KPIs, synthesising the data managed by the Tesar® suite with data from other information systems.
I4Dashboard allows you to conduct analysis on previous data sets or real time data, through the use of a data warehouse.  The analysis can be carried out through graphs, pivot tables, sheets, speedometers, pie charts, maps or grids. A single dash-board can also publish data from mixed sources (e.g. Oracle, Sql server, Excel…).
I4Dashboard features a design that is simple, intuitive, easy-to-use, and powerful.  The user can integrate data, generate new reports and publish analyses independently.
The I4Dashboard is natively integrated into all the functional modules of the Tesar® suite and can be used in a stand-alone mode by going onto I4Portal.
I4Portal is an application container that provides authentication, user configuration and messaging services: it is a secure environment which external host applications, internal BI reports (e.g. generated with Qlik Sense), web pages, e-mail etc. can be connected to.

Features of I4Portal:
– Multi-company management, with configurable authorisations;
– Multi-lingual management;
– Menus which can be customised by users or user groups;
– Authentication services;
– Message management;
– Alarm management.

Features of I4Dashboard:
– Can be connected to previous databases and real-time databases;
– Simple and intuitive design;
– Native links with mixed sources (Oracle, Sql server, Excel, Sap,…).