The digitization of industry: ITALY, WORK IN PROGRESS


This research data carried out by the Smart Manufacturing Observatory was presented at the conference on 21 June 2016 (Source:

The Smart Manufacturing market in 2015 is worth almost 10% of total industry investment and is expected to grow by 20% in 2016.

More than 600 apps were surveyed in Italy, which had increased by 30% compared to last year: these are mainly Industrial IoT and Industrial Analytics technologies. Yet 38% of enterprises still say they are not familiar with Industry 4.0 and that their projects are often in the pilot phase; SMEs are largely absent in the enterprises who are aware of, and applying, Industry 4.0.  62% of e-skills budgets identify gaps to be filled. Essentially, a national program of digital transformation of industry is needed to set Italy on its way to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In the infographic, you can see all the research data from the Smart Manufacturing Observatory presented at the conference which took place on 21 June 2016.