TESAR is the SDM Racing partner for the 2015 season


Tesar is proud to announce that it will once again be renewing its partnership and support for the SDM Racing Team.

The team leaders said: “Since 2011, our team has been embarking on a professional project, wanting to create a racing team that would be really well organized, not only technically speaking, but one that would also have an effective managerial structure, which would manage all aspects related to the public image of the sponsors as well as relations with the press and social media networks”.

“This ambitious project requires the collaboration of strong and dynamic COMPANIES that believe in an exciting adrenaline-pumping sport and are able to capture the attention of a mixed public (something that only motorcross can do). In recent years, we’ve had some great collaborations with leading companies who areamongst the biggest in their field, thus creating a pool of partners that mark our business internationally”.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for the team, and are wishing them the very best!