TESAR is among the WPC participants


The 2016 edition of WPC, Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, sold out for the first time, with over 16,000 people from 144 countries attending.

Just as it does every year, Microsoft organised the Worldwide Partner Conference (#WPC16), an event bringing together all the companies that support it, where it resells and uses the services it offers.

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, opened the conference by talking about the impact that digital transformation will have on companies at every level: “it’s not about using digital technologies, rather, it’s about becoming digital companies.”

For Nadella, digital transformation is based on four pillars:
1. engage customers, i.e. Develop closer relationship with customers
2. empower employees, i.e. provide those working in the company with more opportunities and more tools
3. optimise operations
4. transform products.

Microsoft’s Mission: “Enabling individuals and companies around the world to realise their full potential.”

To view the Keynote, click here