KWIK mes 40 di tesar

Kwik – Software MES per le PMI

Tesar's standard MES software, dedicated to the management and control of SME production

KWIK mes di Tesar

Even the smallest companies can become big!

KWIK is Tesar’s MES 4.0 software for production management and control dedicated to SMEs, which can improve their performance and increase their business.

It is a standard, plug-and-play solution that integrates with the company’s ERP and in just a few clicks, thanks to its high configurability, enables productivity enhancement, product improvement and production trend control.

Kwik is perfect for all companies looking for software that is easy to install, with short start-up times and competitive costs.


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With Kwik, it is possible:

  • Manage and control production in real time
  • Connect 4.0 machinery and other technology
  • Manage machinery, maintenance and equipment
  • Plan factory activities
  • Manage the quality quality of production processes


Want to learn more about Kwik, Tesar’s MES solution for SMEs?

Standard solution

for SMEs

Software user friendly

and plug & play

High configurability

for some parameters

Installation time


Costs of design and development