NEXT TECHNOLOGY GROUP® acquires the majority of Atomos® Future


TESAR® is pleased to announce that NEXT TECHNOLOGY GROUP®, the Group that owns TESAR®, has become a majority shareholder in Atomos® Future Technology s.r.l. as of 1 January 2017.

This new acquisition has expanded NEXT TECHNOLOGY GROUP®, meaning that there are now more than 150 employees, 700 active customers, and that there is a total turnover exceeding 25 million Euros.
Below, you can find the official NEXT TECHNOLOGY GROUP® press release.
With the acquisition of Atomos® Future Technology s.r.l. (On 1st January 2017), NEXT TECHNOLOGY GROUP® has strengthened its position in the world that supplies products and services in the fields of process management and automation.
From today, together with TESAR®, ASTES4®, TESAR SUISSE™ and CAD.I.TECH™, who are already part of the NEXT TECHNOLOGY GROUP®, Atomos® FT will make its contribution by supporting and integrating the provision and development of technologically advanced services in line with the principles dictated by INDUSTRY 4.0.
For more than 20 years, Atomos® FT has been offering the market a solution for integrated supply chain management, from strategic management to operational management.
Atomos® FT is a leading company in the target market, with strong experience in the implementation of planning, scheduling, control, production monitoring, and supply management, solutions.
Thanks to synergies within the Group, with the entry of Atomos® FT, NEXT TECHNOLOGY GROUP® will become the reference point in Italy for the development and integration of software and hardware products for the entire industrial world, and so will be the ideal partner in helping you successfully overcome the challenges imposed by an increasingly demanding and competitive market.

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