Know How and Tesar®


Working together for innovation in manufacturing processes

Padova/Gallarate, 14 June 2017:
Know How and Tesar® have signed a commercial partnership for proposing Tesar’s software, designed for the industrial sector (planning, scheduling, MES, quality)®.
Know How becomes a Tesar partner®.

Know How, born almost 20 years ago, is looking to share the many years of experience of its Enterprise Application Professionals, working with Infor ERP LN, Infor EAM, Infor ION, Infor XI, Infor Ming.le and CPQ, for example.
In the IT market scenario, it’s well-positioned as the System Integrator that has been able to adapt to market needs over the years. It’s been constantly innovating and updating itself with the knowledge needed for companies to compete in dynamic markets that characterize the modern economy.
The highest level of focus and maximum involvement in the tactical-strategic objectives of the Client: these are the values of the entire Know How Team.
Some notable Clients of Know How, from a variety of sectors, include:  Argo Tractors, Komatsu, Agco, Breda Energia, Fomas Group, Sogefi Filtration, Fitesa.

For more than 25 years, Tesar® has been the partner of reference for the supply and distribution of systems providing data collection, planning, control and management of production and quality, for the industrial sector.
Tesar® offers a wide range of scalable and modular solutions, developed to meet the needs of different sectors and various company sizes; these solutions can be integrated with all the management systems on the market.
The numbers speak for Tesar®:
over 300 active clients, 700 applications, over 4,500 terminals installed and more than 16,000 machines interfaced.

“This partnership aims to strengthen our position in the market, expanding our portfolio and strengthening our business strategy. We are convinced that this agreement will help meet the needs of manufacturing companies with an integrated and complete solution, enabling them to have complete control of factory events, thus increasing the Return on Investment (ROI) in ERP systems” – Claudio Montanari, President of Know How.

“We consider this partnership important for the growth and development of our business as well as being strategic in that it can bring a set of high-performance and perfectly integrated products, able to meet the needs of the manufacturing world, to the market.
Together, Tesar® and Know How can propose innovative solutions and services, in line with the dictates of Industry 4.0, aimed at supporting companies in the competition they face” – Cristiano Palladini, CEO of Tesar S.P.A.